Dine NYC


A sushi joint with good reviews in Hells Kitchen section of NYC.  We heard they had fatty tuna so we had to try it.






We journeyed here in the hope of having culinary fire food.  My dining partner was on a mission to burn his insides.  The staff changed his order to medium so he survived.  A spice rack helped him bring it up to normal hot.  Me? I had the Tom Kha soup and salad.

Segovia 46

I went to Segovia 46 for the Pedro Ximenez 🙂 and the puplo gallego.  The clams are good and who can turn down bacon wrapped dates.  The staff is genuine.  Ours was from Murcia and was very helpful with our experience.

Joes Shanghai

Soup dumplings and potato pancakes are the drawn and they should be.  Before visiting visit youtube for instructions on eating a soup dumpling.  Without proper training you will lose all the tasty soup.  The menu features many Chinese dishes for the adventurous.  How does fish head soup or sea cucumber sound?  The clams with black bean sauce were special too.  If you are a party of 2 or 3 they will sit you with other people.  We lucked out and were seated with a gregarious crew which added to the dining experience.

The Spotted Pig

Crispy Pig’s Ear

Barn Joo 35


City Kitchen


Blue Maiz


Frame Gourmet Eatery

Mixed Fruit

Burgers & Lobster





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