Xamarin Connected Apps

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For the love of Apps, we need to stay connected.

There are 189 million apps downloaded each day.

Each smart phone has 36 apps.

Of those 36 Apps only 15 of them are used daily and another 15 of them are never used.

Why are apps either never used or never downloaded?

Apps can be laggy and slow, not have the advertised features, poor design, or spotty data connection and synchronizations.

To have a successful app you need good reliable backend service.  Xamarin allows connection to a large variety of good backend suppliers.  Microsoft Azure is one of the best of them.  (note: I work for Microsoft and have been a fan before working for Microsoft)

Azure offers a Mobile App Service that is robust, fast, reliable and scalable.  Setting up a Mobile App is easy and the process even provides you with sample apps in your chosen coding flavors.  The data service product even has built in synchronization.

See my presentation here Live Version and Camtasia version Camtasia